General Information

You are cordially invited to participate in the Ninth International Workshop & Summer School on Plasma Physics at Black Sea from Sunday, 7th to Saturday, 14th June 2020.
General information
Summer School: The school would bring together leading researchers in the field of Plasma Physics to give lecture on their specialties to advanced graduate students, postgraduate students and young scientists in the form of a one-week intensive course.
Scientists experienced in other disciplines who have recently entered the fields of plasma physics or nuclear fusion will also benefit from the school, which provides an overview of the various inter¬connected research domains and describes the latest developments. Gradu¬ates and teachers of science are welcome, as is anyone with an interest in the subject.
The 40-minute key lectures will be given by senior physicists in their field. Participants (PhD, Master students and young scientists) are strongly encouraged to present their own work during the afternoon sessions as 20-minute oral presentations or as posters.
Attendance at the workshops sessions is open to all participants in the IWSSPP.


Fusion Plasma and Materials

Plasma Modeling and Fundamentals

Plasma Sources, Diagnostics and Technology



Workshop PEGASUS (Plasma Enabled and Graphene Allowed Synthesis of Unique nano Structures)

Institute of Plasmas and Nuclear Fusion, Lisbon, Portugal

The project PEGASUS embodies plasmas driven controllable design of matter at atomic scale level. To this end, PEGASUS ultimate goal is to create a highly efficient, catalyst/harmful-free novel plasma method along with a proof-of-concept PEGASUS device for a large-scale N-graphene direct synthesis, as well as N-graphene/metal oxides nanocomposites and unique vertical N-graphene arrays grown on metal substrates, via breakthrough research on plasma-enabled singular assembly pathways. The project will be developed under the coordination of Dr Elena Tatarova and her team with the Plasma Engineering Laboratory at IPFN, joining a consortium that involves IST (Portugal), Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France), Institut Jozef Stefan (Slovenia), Kiel University (Germany), Sofia University (Bulgaria) and Charge2C-Newcap Lda (Portugal).

PEGASUS is a FET-Open European project funded by the H2020 program of EU.

Remote GOLEM operation

Czech Technical University, Prague

The official language of the Workshop and the Summer School is English.

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